Genealogy of the Javor family

Genealogy, as an auxiliary historical science examining the development of the genera, has been my hobby since high school. Thanks to systematic research and the great help of my colleagues and friends, I was able to collect and compile our family tree. The central people in the family tree are my children, so I went all the way, both wives and mine.

The result is really worth it! For me, the incredible has become a reality 🙂 I managed to explore and find all four branches until the eighth generation! Thus, most branches begin in the early 18th century. In the Myheritage application I currently have 2200 people in my familytree! I am proud of my ancestors and my whole family. I am proud of my great-great-great-uncles Andrej Budiš Jr. and Andrej Budiš sen. I am proud of the blessed Anna Kolesárová as well as of all my other relatives who have lived an honest, hard-working life.

Recently, I was caught by genetic genealogy, I had a DNA test done, the result of which is clear – I’m a Central European !.